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If you are searching to submit a guest post business and write for us business then you are present the best place. Techvig is one of the best blogs about Business and entrepreneurship. It has articles about business strategies, marketing management, supply chain management, social media, e-business, Finance, economics, social media, entrepreneurship, and operations management. We’re glad you came to our “write for us” page and want to write for The Business Goals.

If you want to write a guest post about business or topic entrepreneurship, or if you want to write a regular guest post about marketing or your own entrepreneurship story, please follow the rules exactly. We want business writers and people who work in marketing to write about entrepreneurship.


We’re happy to let you know that we’re looking for ways to work with universities on our website for entrepreneurs and new businesses.

Why should I write a post as a guest?

Guest posting is an important strategy for bloggers for a number of reasons.

It makes you known to more people who might not have heard of you or your writing before. When you write interesting, engaging articles about topics that are important to them, they will click on your link and read more of your content.

When you post as a guest, you get a backlink to your site, which is good for your search engine ranking. Google and the other search engines see this as a recommendation for your site. Experts say that guest posting is six times better for SEO (search engine optimization) for your site than writing on your own site.

We’re open to all kinds of article ideas.

  • Running small businesses was a big part of their business interests.
  • HR stuff
  • Advice and experiences about work
  • Happiness at work and at home
  • Managing a team and being a leader

How to write as a guest

Guiding principles

  • Write an article you’d want to read yourself.
  • The article must be helpful, uplifting, or inspiring. Best case, all three.


The article must be unique and original. We won’t take posts that have already been put on other sites.


  • The first paragraph needs to be interesting. If the first few words don’t hook the reader, they won’t keep reading. The first paragraph of an article should tell the reader what it’s about, get them interested, and make them want to read more.
  • Articles should have between 800 and 3,000 words. We care less about how long the article is and more about what it says.
  • Use subheadings to make it easy for your reader to see how your article flows at a glance.
  • Shorter paragraphs are often easier to read, so please don’t use more than three sentences in each one.
  • Make sure there is something for the reader to learn, think about, or do at the end of your article.
  • Check your spelling and grammar before sending it to us.
  • Only articles written in English are accepted.

Materials to back up

Please send any materials that you think help support the article and don’t cost anything to use.

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Quotes
  • Links to sources that are useful (only one link to a commercial site allowed)
  • About the author
  • You can write a short bio about yourself at the end of your article. This should have these things:
  • A good square picture of yourself.
  • 50–150 words for a short biography
  • Your website’s link

How to enter

Once you’ve made sure you’ve followed all of the above rules, please send your article and author bio to Techvig.net@gmail.com

We will publish all articles that follow the rules above, but we reserve the right to turn down articles that we don’t think to follow the rules. We also reserve the right to change articles as needed to make the reading experience better for the reader.

After publishing, you have one week to pay an admin fee. You can contact us via this page also.

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Why it’s a Good Idea to Write for Us

Getting in front of a lot of people

Each month, more than 50,000 people look at the blog, and that number keeps going up. All high-quality articles are also published in our monthly newsletter. This puts your work in front of more people who will read and share it.

Exposure to Social Media

We use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, among other social media sites. All of your articles will be posted on these networks to help get more people to read them.


Please remember that we won’t pay you for the articles you send us. If you can write well and think you could write great articles for us, please send us some of your writing.

What Happens If Your Story Gets Published?

If your story is chosen, it will be sent to our editors to be looked over. If it needs to be changed, we send it back by email with our ideas. We have the right to change the title or content of the article. After the story is postedTechvig, the author doesn’t have the right to post it anywhere else.

You can use our “Sponsored Post” option if you want your post to be seen quickly. If your article meets our requirements, it will be published within 1-2 business days. Even though the page is a bit long and the rules are strict, we think it’s important to limit spam submissions. I’m looking forward to reading more of your great articles.

What do we want in a Guest Post?

New Information

If you want to publish your work, it should be 100% original and not copied from anywhere else. This is a basic rule, and you should also write for people, not for search engines. Before you send us an article, you should check it for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Only original content is okay with us. We don’t take anything that has already been published. When we publish your article, you can share it on social media and bookmarking sites. When you get a live link in your email, you can include a link back to the article on our website. If we find that you broke this rule, we will take your article down.


If you want to write for us, your article must have at least 1000 words. More than 1000 words is always a good idea. Give readers a reason to be interested in your work by giving them something of value. Everyone wants benefits for themselves, which you can give in your writing by telling a good story.


When writing for us, think about who you’re writing for. They have a lot of education, are executives, and make a lot of money as professionals. So don’t just write the piece; show them what makes you different.

We are interested in, but not limited to, the following guest post ideas:


It could be about anything related to marketing. For example, if you offer digital marketing services, you could send us something about “how to write a digital marketing plan?” It should have an informative tone and cleverly place your keywords. It’s just a thought to help us figure out what we’re looking for.


You can send us news about your startup or a list of its accomplishments. You can also write a guest post for us that talks about your startup, the problems you plan to solve in our society, and why you think your target audience has potential.


If you are a successful business owner, send us your story so we can learn from it. We can even send you a questionnaire so we can publish your interview at business goals. If you want to talk about your journey as an entrepreneur, we can help you reach our readers. We are growing right now and want to connect as many entrepreneurs as possible to help their communities.

Research for Business

If you are an MBA or business studies student and want to share your research on any business-related topics, you are more than welcome. Professors are also welcome to talk about their research and business experiences.

Write about business ideas for us.

Anyone with the best idea for making money is welcome to share it.

Regular Contributor

We’re here to give you the chance to write for us and get your name on our page of contributors. (there are rules and restrictions) Check this out>> Contributors

The Good News About Business

Send us real, interesting stories about how your Business has done well that we can publish. You can write about your blog’s success, your SEO and digital marketing success story and case study, how you made money from home or online, or your real offline business success story and send it to us. If we think it will be helpful to our audience, we will publish it.