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Techvig.net  always searching for creative authors to join the family, and we expect you to write about what you enjoy. You like to write articles where you share your thoughts, report on the latest breaking news, put together helpful tips and guides, or write reviews that give useful information. In that case, this is the platform for you.

Why Write for Us? Why write for Techvig.net?

First, we’re great, but you knew that.

However, writing for us has these benefits:

  • Our tens of thousands of adult gamers will read your writing;
  • You can advertise your articles, but we’ll do it.
  • We’re laid-back since there are no quotas, and we believe real life comes first;
  • Review free games;
  • Affiliate marketing and advertising companies pay writers.

We Simplify Video Game Writing

Techvig.net should be fun. The writers aren’t overworked. You don’t have to produce an article or review every day, week, or month. Always prioritize life.

No topic is required. Write about PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC, mobile, retro, or anything else. We want you to write what you want, not what you expect.

We expect well-written, honest, and proud pieces. Remember that our audience is primarily adult gamers.


Some websites guarantee X amount based on the number of page views your articles acquire, paid once you reach a ridiculous cap that takes months or years to reach. You must spend hours promoting your postings and bringing traffic to their website.

We operate differently. Please use our platform to make as much money as possible from writing.

Thus, please sign up with your preferred affiliate marketing or advertising organization and send us a banner and link. Your articles will start with your ad. Your article ads and banners will be on the site forever.

Your affiliate partner pays you directly if someone hits your banner today (or tomorrow, or in two years).

Amazon, Humble Monthly, Green Man Gaming, and CD Keys are among many other affiliates.

To enter

After reading the rules, email Techvig.net@gmail.com your article and bio.

We will publish articles that meet the above standards but may reject some. We may alter articles for clarity.

After publishing, you have a week to pay an admin fee contact us 

Pre-submission guidelines XBLArcade writers

It should be informative and precise.
It must be pertinent. Topics should be exciting and informative.
It needs 600–1500 words.
Before uploading blogs to our platform, proofread and check for plagiarism.
Only plagiarism-free and grammatically correct content.
If you have any questions about uploading your blogs or anything else, Techvig.net@gmail.com