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techvig.net@gmail.com We have started accepting guest articles on a well-known technology and game discussion blog, and we’re seeking digital marketing experts and authors to write for us on Games and share their ideas, viewpoints, experiences, and voices with our audience. Pleasing (Guest Posts) on Technology, Gaming Reviews, Game News, Video Games, Online Games, PC Games, Playstation Games, Xbox Games, Switch Games, Gaming Gadgets, Sports, Social Media Marketing, Business, Tech News, Computers, SEO Marketing, Guest Blogging, and a variety of category topics are welcome to contribute to our site. Do you have any knowledge you’d like to share with our audience? These are beautiful chances for people to establish, grow, and improve their enterprises and financial conditions by imparting their skills and ideas—a blog for us to promote your business and products on a popular website.

Regulations for Guest Posts on Games and Online Gaming

We value your desire to contribute to techvig.net.

Am able to write articles?

  • You can write anything that fits into one of these categories.
  • Includes technology, games, sports, internet, gaming business, digital marketing, online games,  entertainment.
  • Web, gaming equipment, and software
  • Internet, email, content phones, social media, and other online and offline marketing strategies
  • Drug, gambling, payday lending, and pornographic connections are not permitted.

We have wide audience, 

  • which will increase the visibility of your business, startups, and products.
  • Link back to your website or items for SEO purposes.
  • We post your work to our social media channels, it helps your business’s branding.

Guest post recommendations:

  • Only well-written, original, and unique content will be considered.
    Don’t bother emailing this tale to us if you’ve already posted it somewhere else.
  • Before we publish anything, we run it through Copyscape and Google.
  • Posts should be at least 800 to 2000 words long.
  • Each image must either be unique, be in the public domain or be used legally. (Please refrain from violating copyright.)
  • Subheadings should be used to divide the content into manageable chunks.
  • Finally, all of the post’s links should lead to reliable, high-quality websites.
  • The recommended ratio is one link for every 600 words, with a maximum of 1-2 links.
  • An author link has been added. Authors should be listed line by line.
  • The following time you release an article,
  • We’d appreciate it if you mentioned this one and provided a link to it.
  • We pick the posts we publish very carefully.
  • Your writing should be comprehensible, interesting, unique, and instructive.

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